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  • 4 longitudinal grooves design guarantees the safe maneuverability on the both dry and wet road.
  • Lateral pattern grooves on shoulder part ensures the best drainage performance.
  • Noise is dispersed by increased numbers of pitches and the optimized angle design.
  • Superior tread design provides excellent maneuverability and grip performance under all weather conditions.
  • HR701


  • Big tread pattern design increases the contacting area with the ground.
  • Exquisite sidewall pattern design represents the fashion and uniqueness of the tire.
  • Asymmetric pattern design,providing excellent traction.
  • Deep waved grooves improves the durability of the tread and wet grip performance on all terrain road conditions.
  • HM005


  • The bionic tiger claw pattern provides strong grip on the mountain filed, desert,mud and other bad road conditions.
  • Shield sidewall design with 6-7mm thicker than the ordinary tire, the tire damage probability is reduced by 80%.
  • The self-repairing technology ensures great punctures resistance.
  • FRD66


    Four wide grooves design provide effective drainage and sufficient wet safety performance Design of central rib with sipes promotes the rigidity, help to balance high-speed performance and grip performance on wet land The compact shoulder design provide excellent handling performance with low noise Multiple blade groove pattern provide excellent grip and handling performance on wet land



    Prevent stone nipped, enhance the ability to get rid of the stone Enhance the block rigidity, endurance, weight-carrying ability and steering qualities during driving



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