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  • 1 Check Tire Timely

    • Checking the tires used frequently
    When checking tires, the inside of spare tires should be checked, including the tire pressure .Observing whether there are drum, crack, cut, nail or abnormal tire surface damage. It is possible to cause tire broken if using damaged tires. When driving in the road of many holes, rocks or other obstacles, tire damaged or bad positioning may happen, so driving in this kind of road, the driver should drive slowly and carefully. And checking the tires of any damage after driving through these roads, such as, cut, drum, nail, abnormal wear.
    • Checking tire pattern regularly
    Please check the patter depth of tire timely and change new tire when the old tire damaged to some extent. In this way, the largest tracking force and ground grabbing force could be guaranteed, and avoiding some unpleasant accidents.
    • The safety of a car depends on a better pattern depth, the reasons are as follows:
    > The function of pattern is to keep the water out under the tire and keep the control of the car.
    > More pattern, lower the rate of“water flowing circumstance” when driving on wet road.
    > Correct tire pressure and timely care would make sure the longest life span of tire and get the best performance.
    > The ground grabbing force influences the braking distance of your car.

  • 2 Pay Attention To tire Pressure

    As to the tire performance and life span, the correct air inflation is the key, and also important to the driving experience and security of the car. tire bears the complete weight of the car, they could not work normally when the inflation not sufficient or over .the tire damage could be caused when the inflation not sufficient. • Checking tire pressure monthly. > A car tire inflated to 260kpa, would leak 7.5kpa pressure every month.
    > Check all tire pressure before a long trip, including spare tire pressure.
    > Please pay attention, that checking should be under the “cold state”.
    • Recommended tire pressure
    What should you do when having no idea of the correct tire pressure?
    Very simple, the following information could be found easily in your car:
    > The car passenger booklet.
    > The attached label on the door near the driver seat.
    > The goods drawer beside the driver seat.
    > Oil tank cover.
    The pressure data suggested by car manufacturer would be show on the tire. The inflation pressure showed on the side of tire only means the max inflation pressure under the cold condition.
    • How to check the tire pressure correctly
    Please buy a tire pressure of high quality and check its accuracy in tire sales store.
    • Valve and valve cap
    To make sure the correct tire pressure, the valve maintenance is very essential. The valve cap is made from rubber, so it would age as time went by. So the valve cap should also be changed when buying new tires. When drives in high speed, the aged broken rubber valve rod would change bend under the Centrifugal force, causing leak. 
    Valve cap is also a very important component. High quality valve cap could help to keep tire pressure when valve broke due to various reasons. Valve cap could prevent moisture, the moisture getting into tire may froze and compress valve, causing leak. Besides that, valve cap could also prevent the dust particles, avoiding the affection to valve and cause leak.
    • The harm of insufficient pressure
    Insufficient pressure would cause tire side transform hardly, heat increased, lower tire life span extremely, and cause problem below and safety hidden danger:
    > Tire shoulder over wear.
    >  Increase the possibility of collision and drum. 
    > Delamination caused by the adhesion force reduced between each component.
    > Tire side damage caused by tire pressure insufficient.
    > Tire over beat, causing abnormal wear between tire bead and rim, damaging rim.
    > Rolling resistance increasing and oil consumption rise.
    The pressure data suggested by car manufacturer would be show on the tire. The inflation pressure showed on the side of tire only means the max inflation pressure under the cold condition.
    • The harm of over pressure
    Over pressure would cause the area between tire face and ground getting smaller, tire rigidity up, buffer down, and cause following question also:
    > Over wear in the central position of the tire face.
    >  Increase the danger of broken, even tire explosion when suffering from the outside attack.
    >  Increase the danger of tail flick and sliding when controlling performance decline due to the grounding area decrease.
    > The comfortable riding extent decline.
    > Long term over pressure driving, easily harmful to the car chassis.

  • 3Dynamic Balance

    After assembling, the dynamic balance could make compensation to tire and rim weight. When weight of one component is heavier or lighter than other part, the tire would lose balance. This could result in irregular tire wear and car body trembling, increasing pressure from front component and early over wear.
    • Why it is important to do balance adjustment?
    When weight of one component is bigger or smaller than that of other component, tire would be out of balance. 
    This would: > Tire surface wear not even.
    >  Car body trembling.
    >  Pressure of front component increase.
    >  Early wear of front component.
    • When should we adjust tire balance?
    Please adjust tire balance under the following circumstance:
    >  After changing tire.
    >  After moving or reduce one balance block.
    >  Purchasing new tires.
    >  Need make dynamic balance again after repairing or fixing.
    Phelinx tips: once finding car body trembling or tire surface abnormal wear, please check tire balance and four tires positioning, checking out whether there is mechanical component wear or damage.

  • 4 Four Wheels Positioning

    Four wheels positioning usually refer to adjust the front and rear sprung parts. The correct four wheels positioning will do good to make sure your car to control normal and help to promote the tire life span and performance. 
    • Why it is important to do four wheels positioning?
    Four wheels positioning would be helpful to guarantee normal control of your car, promoting tire performance, the bad positioning also would result in tire face irregular wear and shorten tire life span.
    • When should we check the four wheel positioning?
    After daily collision like potholes, or crossing track, even traffic accident or more serious condition, four wheels positioning of your car may be not well. Please check four wheels positioning under several circumstance below.
    Collision with other obstacles when driving.
    Abnormal wear signs on tire shoulder.
    Finding controlling condition abnormal.
    Phelinx tips: we suggest that four wheels positioning should be done every 8000-10000 miles driving.

  • 5 Tire Position Changing

    In order to be worn even and get max driving miles, we suggest that the position should be changed after driving about 10000 kilometers or when there is uneven wear or abnormal wear. There is arrow on the side of tire to show the rotation direction, so this factor should be considered when changing position and change according to the rotation direction of arrow.

  • 6 Tire Fixing

    Tire must be disassembled from rim, and make decision to fix or not after checked by professional tire sales
    We advise not to fix under several circumstance below:
    Damage of side wall could not fix.
    Tire crown holes bigger than 6mm could not be fixed
    If the bead broken or transformed, tire surface transformed, rubber corroded by chemical material or rolling under condition of lacking air.

  • 7 Avoiding Collision With Obstacle

    Driving in high speed, such as collision with hole or other obstacles would result in serious transform between the obstacle and rim edge, which could cause tire body cord break and compressed air inside of tire would rush to the broken cord and form drum. If more serious problem occurs, tire would be easily broke and leak suddenly.
    Phelinx tips: Please focus when driving, when finding obstacle in the front(such as : holes), make response ahead to avoid collision to obstacle , if could not avoid it, please try to pass by slowly. Please special attention to the tires of lower side wall. 

  • 8 Avoiding Tire Idling

    When car get stuck in mud, sand or snowfield, usually we would step on accelerator pedal to drive the car away. But please keep in mind not to let tire idle in high speed, because over high speed could cause centrifugal force high and finally rise the danger of tire broken.
    Phelinx tips: nobody is allowed to stay near the idling tire in case of the harm caused by sudden broken of tire. 

  • 9 Tire Changing

    • Tire is recommended to change under following circumstances:
    >  Tire pattern reach the wear indication. The pattern wear indicate the minimum allowed tire face thickness(among pattern grooves, circle no less than 6, tire side subjected to the picture “”, height is 1.6mm)the wear tire could not drain well, so easy to occur the danger like slip. The explosion would happen frequently.
    > Collision with road shoulder, stuck in the hole or cut in nail would harm your tire seriously. The tires that had been judged accurately by professional tire sales could not be fixed.
    > If tire surface transforms or obvious crack occur, please stop using these tires at once. The tires that had been judged accurately by professional tire sales could not be used continuously.